Many people have asked me why did I become a doula. Honestly it was never in my plans.

I grew up in Georgia and moved to Ohio for college. This is were I met my husband and graduate college with an Associates in Christian Education. I thought I wanted to teach or become a children’s pastor. Around 2012, after no luck in finding a job at a church I decided to attend nursing school. I had always had nursing in the back of my mind and how amazing it would be to be a nurse, but always thought of the schooling more like medical school. I never knew I could get my License Practical Nurse degree in one year.

I graduate in March of 2013 with my LPN and I also was three months pregnant with our first child. My original plan was to start my BSN degree as soon as possible but God had different plans for us. In June 2013 we move to Morgantown, WV for my husbands job at Chestnut Ridge Church. I quickly found an OBGYN without much research. My pregnancy with my son was quite normal in the beginning. Around 30 weeks I started having contractions and ended up in the hospital over night. I kept having on and off contractions and went back to the hospital at 34 weeks. When the residents checked me they also ran a test to see if my water broke. They came back an hour later and said that my water had broken so they were admitting me and we wouldn’t be leaving until we had our baby. So many emotions went through my head. We found out after a few hours that the resident that conducted the test had read the result incorrect, so my water hadn’t broken and we were sent home the next morning.

My due date came and went. I went in for my next doctors appointment and the doctor stripped my membranes while checking me and told me that he was sending us to Labor and Delivery to be induced. We were excited and ready to meet this baby. Once we got all hooked up to Pitocin I started to walk around. My water broke around 4pm and this is when the pain really started. My doctor told me I needed to stay in bed because they were afraid that I would have a fast delivery. I wish that I would have had another person to help us. Once things got tough, everything that we heard in birthing class and read in books just disappeared. My husband was trying to help me but nothing seemed to help me. He was frustrated and I was frustrated. I ended up getting an epidural. Around 8am I was completely dilated and started to push. I pushed for two hours and our son was delivered at 10:04am on September 13th.

My son’s birth frustrated me for a while. I wanted to have a natural labor with no pain medication but due to our lack of knowledge this didn’t happen. Now I look back at my labor I see it as a great learning experience. It helped fuel my passion of helping other woman have the birth they have dreamed of.

My daughters birth was exactly what I wanted it to be. Due to low fluid my midwife was going to induce me on my due date. I didn’t want to be induced and tried everything I could with my midwifes approve to get things started. The day of my due date around midnight I started to have contractions that kept waking me up. I headed down stairs and started to keep track of them. They were coming every 6 minutes so I texted my midwife to let her know. She told me to keep tracking and let her know when they get strong enough I can’t talk through them. Around 2am I couldn’t handle them anymore and I had to breathe through each one. Once we got to the hospital they checked me and I was 7cm dilated and 100% effaced. I kept having contractions every 5 minutes lasting a minute. Once my nurse got me registered she left the room and I immediately called them back and told them I needed to push. They came back in and after two pushes my daughter was born. I finally had the birth of my dreams! I felt amazing and I was ready to do it again!

Labor and birth is such a personal experience and each is different. I had a birth experience that I didn’t love and one that was amazing. Every mother has the right to have the birth they want. I want to help moms do this. I have looked into many different ways that I could help moms during pregnancy and labor; becoming a midwife, a labor and delivery nurse and after seeing each in action I realized I wanted to help families from the moment they find out they are pregnant to the first diaper change and beyond. That is why I became a doula. My passion for mothers, babies and helping people were combined perfectly in a doula.

That is why I became a doula. I can’t wait to help more mothers enjoy every step of their pregnancy and birth.

I hope that you have the birth you dream of!