WOW how times flies! It must seem like just yesterday you where bringing your new little one home for the first time and now they are sitting up, laughing and you are getting to know their little personality. This is an exciting time and you don’t want to miss it. Doing a Sitter session is a great way to remember the time between when they were so tiny they could still be held with one arm to their first birthday. Our children change so much and so quickly in the first year that having photos you can look back on when they older can be extremely special. We offer Sitter sessions for our children who can sit up un-assisted in our studio. These sessions aren’t done with lots of crazy props and decorations. Our style is to focus on your baby and their special little features during this time of their life. We will still use props and outfits but they will be more neutral and will just add a little something extra. You can see some examples below.

Time of Session: Your session will take about 30- 45 minutes. We like to schedule the session when your little one will be in the best mood. That is normally after they have had a nap and are nice and full. We have plenty of open studio times through out the day to make sure we get the happiest baby during the session.

Day of Session: The day of the session make sure to give your little one a bath before so the are squeaky clean. Also the day of your session make sure to let them get a full nap in before your session and a full tummy.

What to Bring: Don’t worry about bringing lots of different outfits unless we have discussed it prior. We will normally stick to 1-2 outfits due to the fact that the more we change baby the more unsettled they will be. Another great thing to bring is a paci or bottle if they use them. Just incase they need some settling those items can help. Also bring some snacks that dissolve quickly like yogurt melts, puffs, ect. If you child has a “lovie” you can bring that as well, along with their favorite musical toy. Please try and keep those items hidden until we need them. 🙂

During the Session: Feel free to sit back and relax during the session. As long as your child is comfortable then we to have the parents sit in the other side of the studio so your little one doesn’t get to distracted. When we have many people trying to get them to smile or laugh they get confused at where to look and we really want some great eye contact with the camera. If I need your help at all, I will defiantly call you over.

After Session: After your session, you should expect to have a sneak peek of your session within two days. Then your completed album within four weeks. Most of the time I can complete them sooner but just depends on how booked we are.

If you are interested in booking your session message us today!

Make sure you fill out the Sitter Photography Pre-Session Questionnaire