First off I want to say Thank You for trusting me with your new little one! I want you to know that I have lots of experience with newborns. I have taken newborn photography safety courses, posing and wrapping courses as well as CPR classes. The safety of your baby is a top priority for me. I’m also a birth doula, nurse and mother of three children so I will treat your child like I would my own. Below you will find information on what to expect before, during and after your session, including on what to bring to your session.

Time of Session: I like to schedule my newborn sessions about 5-14 days after birth. This ensures that the baby is ready to sleep and still likes to be all wrapped up. I can photography older babies but they just don’t tend to be as sleepy. Your session should last about 2 to 2.5 hours. Each session is different and can go quickly if the prep instructions are followed and baby is nice and sleepy, or it can take a bit longer due to pauses for snacks and soothing. This is what I do and know it takes a while, so I’m in no hurry.

Day of Session: The day of the session you will want to try and keep baby awake and stimulated as much as you can before the session. Give them a nice warm bath a few hours before the session. Dress them in a zip or button up sleeper, and fasten their diaper loosely so that they don’t have any red marks on their skin. Newborn skin is so sensitive and gets red very easily. Right before you leave for your session make sure to feed your baby a nice big meal. When they arrive at the studio we want them to be nice and full and sleepy.

What to Bring: Please bring a pacifier and a bottle of expressed milk or formula with you. If you are exclusively breastfeeding then that is perfectly fine. We support our mothers and their decisions on feeding. If you haven’t introduced a pacifier then we understand as well. A pacifier can truly help soothe a baby during the session and they normally don’t get attached to them during our session but if it is something you truly don’t want to use then again we respect that and can do the session without one. Also, bring any special props or things we had previously discussed for the session.

During the Session: When you arrive at the studio you will notice that it is very warm. I try and keep your baby nice and warm during the session, especially since part of it will be done while your baby is naked. I also use a heating pad to warm up the bean bag where your baby will be laying. You will also see that we have a play area with a sectional, a TV, and a bathroom. We want you and your family to feel at home during your session. Parents, feel free to grab a snack, a water and watch some Netflix or take a nap. This is a time for you to relax and recharge while I get some shot of your new little one. In the studio, you will see a large light that is close to this blanket fort looking thing. The ‘blanket fort” is a professional newborn posing bean bag with lots and lots of soft blankets to lay your baby on. This is where most of the pictures will be done. Besides that, you will see some props and lots of receiving blankets and pillows. Those are used to make sure your little one is safe and posed comfortably. You will also see hand sanitizer. I never touch a baby without cleaning my hands and all the blankets and wraps are washed before each session. I also will use the sanitizer when your little one gets me wet or dirty. 🙂 This is another part of the job and I don’t want you to worry about it at all if your little one has some accidents. It is why you will see me in yoga pants and a shirt, I know that wearing nice clothes just isn’t the smartest. For the most part, I shouldn’t need you during the session but if for some reason I do I will let you know. I keep everything close to me so that I never leave your little one alone on a prop or on the bean bag. Another thing to know is that once you arrive I will be the one to get your little blessing out of their car seat. It helps baby settle down faster when they aren’t handled by too many people.

After Session: After your session, you should expect to have a sneak peek of your session within two days. Then your completed album within four weeks. Most of the time I can complete them sooner but just depends on how booked we are.

If you are interested in booking your session message us today!

Make sure you fill out your Newborn Photography Pre-Session Questionnaire.