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I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether or not I wanted a doula. I had it in my mind to have a natural, pain medication free delivery like my mom had done for both of her kids. I felt that the chances of me being able to see it through would be higher with a doula present to help support me during labor. I reached out to Chrissy because she had good reviews and took a chance on the idea of having her help out. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I made during my entire pregnancy and beyond – and I was able to successfully give birth as planned due largely to Chrissy’s support!

Chrissy has a wonderful personality that immediately put me and my husband at ease. My husband is a man of few words with those he is unfamiliar with and she had him joking and laughing within minutes. The fact that he felt so comfortable with her really made me feel better about including her in such a private and personal experience with the two of us. She spent a lot of her meetings taking the time to explain all sorts of things to me that, as a first time mom, were beyond my comprehension! She never got annoyed or hurried our meetings and was always available for “dumb questions” (as I called them) by phone, text and email.

When things got real and I was texting her about my contractions she was a voice of calm and reason that helped me decide when the right time was to head to the hospital. She arrived when we decided things had progressed far enough along to need her support. She immediately got to work on making sure I was comfortable, taking charge of the room and setting up my stuff as requested. When the nurse was reluctant to allow me to use the mobile monitors Chrissy advocated for me and I was able to get off the bed and move around (something that was very important to me).

During labor she was a steady and consistent source of calm and focus, and I know I benefited greatly just from her presence and sense of mind. When contractions got stronger she was right there with my husband cheering me on and encouraging me to breath through them. When it came time to push she grabbed her camera and got ready to take pictures of the big moment. We had decided to not find out the gender, so for her to capture that moment was something we will cherish forever.

I can honestly say that Chrissy is someone I would not only count as an amazing doula and person, but I would also call her my friend. She has been indispensable postpartum while I’ve dealt with some pretty serious “baby blues.” Her care for me didn’t end the moment the delivery was over.

Any expectant mother would be lucky to work with her, and any partner would be remiss to not hire her to support his or her loved one during such an amazing experience.

Karen Elizabeth

From the moment we met Chrissy, we knew she had a passion for labor and the birthing experience. She was extremely helpful throughout our pregnancy and very encouraging in expressing how confident she was that I would be able to achieve the natural birthing experience I desired. It was comforting to know she was just a text/call away during the different stages of pregnancy. She was an outstanding support during my labor and delivery. She allowed Josh to be my main support, but was able to adjust his technique to increase its effectiveness. Since it was our first child, we had no idea as to what to expect. If I started to doubt myself, Chrissy was right there encouraging and cheering me on! I’m not sure I would have been able to achieve my medication-free birth had it not been for her words of encouragement and giving me the confidence I needed from day one. Hiring Chrissy as my doula was one of the best decisions I made regarding my birth. Chrissy continues to be an excellent resource, even after delivery. She checked in multiple times during our first week at home. When my milk arrived, breastfeeding became an entire new ballgame. She was right there, explaining new positions and why a position change may be necessary. My daughter latched right away in the new position and slept for three hours that afternoon. She was a lifesaver! Chrissy is very knowledgeable, passionate, caring, and encouraging. I would highly recommend her as a doula and any mom would be blessed to have her as part of their birthing team!

Tiffany Ashby

Chrissy came to our home after delivery to do a Fresh 48 photography session. When she arrived I was still wearing sweat pants, my husband was in the shower, my newborn needed to nurse, and my toddler was running around (thankfully) mostly ready. Despite the chaos, she calmly started taking photos of my toddler as we finished getting ready. She then worked with our family and got the most amazing natural-looking photos of us interacting together. We loved the in home setting and how well it fit with our family dynamics. Her personality is down to earth and easy to like. We hope to have her take our family photos again!!

Karen Swineford

Chrissy was absolutely amazing! I can honestly say that my labor would not have been near as flawless without her and my husband agrees. She has truly found her calling and is perfect for her role. For my first pregnancy, I didn’t know what to expect but knew I wanted extra support. With her support and help through the labor, everything went perfect. Her support and help during my pregnancy and after labor were just the “icing on the cake”. As if doula/labor guru wasn’t enough, she did an awesome job with maternity and fresh 48 photos to capture these sweet moments. Highly recommend for doula support or photography!

Courtney Kubitza

Chrissy attended the birth of our first child, Maisy. She was a tremendous help and blessing to have! We met and talked about what Kind of birth I would like to have and she honored and respected our wishes. She assisted me to different labor positions and advocated for our wishes when labor got rough. She talked me down when doctors wanted to insert an internal fetal monitor which I was nervous about. Chrissy coached me ( and helped my husband coach me ) through 2.5 hours of pushing. When Maisy was getting ready to make her entrance, Chrissy grabbed the camera and made sure we had the best pictures of the very moment we saw our little girl!

Chrissy’s service was a valuable part of our birth story. She helped make our natural birth story possible. I would highly recommend her for any type of birth you are wishing for. She steps in when you need her, but makes sure you and your partner enjoy that special time.

Lindsey Keczan

I absolutely loved my senior pictures! Chrissy made sure that I was comfortable and that my pictures really showed my personality well. I can’t believe it was her first time doing a senior session! She’s a great photographer and person. I highly recommend her

Hannah Seavey

For a first time Dad, I cannot even articulate how awesome Chrissy was during the birth of our first child. She was a God send during the birth for me. All the questions running through my head before and during was overwhelming. How can I help with the pain? What do I do if I have to use the restroom? What about being able to eat after 18 hours? When should I call the nurse? Should I call the nurse? These are things you simply don’t think about until you are in the moment.

Chrissy being our doula allowed to focus less on the questions and more on the moment. Her experience in the room and her ability to figure out new ways to help my wife, took the load off my shoulders. As the birth progressed, I became more confident in helping my wife and making good suggestions. The amount of gratitude that I owe her can never be re-paid and I am truly blessed she was there for our daughter’s birth.

I would highly, highly recommend Chrissy as your doula. As a dad, I couldn’t see a birth going any better. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Jeremy Keczan

Absolutely loved working with Chrissy for our newborn session. She was so patient and had such a calming touch/presence with our daughter, she made it look so easy!! She was open to our photo ideas and captured the beauty and essence of our new family! Already looking forward to working with her again for future photo needs!

Miranda McKee Deckelmann

You did a fantastic job during the birth of our grandchild. Your calm presence and skill helped a first time mom take control of the situation you always put her needs and the needs of our Grandchild first. I believe you were called to be a doula. You were a major part of a very blessed day. You will always be a part of our family. Deborah Bush

Words can not describe just how thankful I was to have Chrissy there for my first birth. Chrissy went above and beyond to make sure I would have a pleasant birthing experience. Without Chrissy there is no way I would have been able to endure all the emotions and pains of this amazing journey of becoming a mommy!. I was in labor for 20 hours and at times I did not want to move,with Chrissy’s motivation I was able to walk the halls and use different techniques to help bring my baby into the birthing canal. I was also supported throughout this whole experience. I wanted to go natural, no pain medication and I broke down and had an epidural at 7cm dilated not once did Chrissy make me feel bad about receiving medication she reminded me that I am doing a very courageous and honorable act; thankfully I had some pain medication because my baby was born compound which means a body part plus head came out at the same time. After 45 minutes of pushing I experience the best moment of my life seeing my son look at me. I look forward to future pregnancies working with Chrissy she is truly one of a kind this is her calling!.

Stephanie Rice

Chrissy was amazing! She captured moments so special, and didn’t bat an eye when my 2 year old was being, well a 2 year old! She even made it look like she was enjoyed getting pictures! Definitely recommend!

Karen Newell

We were beyond blessed to be able to have Chrissy as our doula. As the Dad, I thought that I would be able to be there for my wife and support/coach her. We had done the birthing class together so I thought I knew what to do. Unfortunately, when the time came the stuff they discussed in the birthing class wasn’t helping; and I was at a loss on how to help. Thankfully I had Chrissy to help. She was able to coach not only my wife but me as well. She helped talk me through ways to help my wife cope with the pain of the contractions. I absolutely know there is no way the birth of my son would have went as smooth had it not been for Chrissy’s amazing help. On top of her being an amazing doula; she is also an excellent photographer as well! During the labor, she took candid photos throughout the document the progress. These photos are some of the most precious photos that I will ever have to be able to look back and remember the day my son was born. I would highly recommend hiring Chrissy as your doula it is a decision you will not regret.

Jamie Rice

My family won a session from Chrissy and seeing pictures of her work we knew it would be great but the end results were nothing short of amazing! Thank you so much for capturing the pictures of our family, forever grateful!

Melissa Schweigert

I’m so glad I had Chrissy with me from the moment I stepped out of my vehicle. Being my third delivery, I thought I had it “all figured out”. My darling husband was also at my side BUT it was very comforting having her there, coaching me through my breathing and assuring me how well I was progressing (because let’s be honest: hearing “you’re doing great” from a man isn’t quite convincing at the moment!). I was so focused on my contractions that I didn’t communicate much with Chrissy. Despite this, she was able to help keep me comfortable: placing a cold compress on my burning forehead, offering me water, and rubbing my lower back (which I swear got me through labor medicated-free). Chrissy is a genuinely sweet person and I highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula. I sincerely believe my labor and delivery wouldn’t have been as pleasant and memorable without her.

Michelle Beckman