I recently realized how much I read through other mother’s birth stories as I came closer to my due dates with my children. I remember how inspiring and how much courage each story gave me. Even though each one was completely different, it was perfect and the way God planned for it to go. So I decided to add a new section to my website that now will include YOUR Birth Stories. It can be helpful for us as mothers to write or type our birth story out not only to share it, but also to help process it. Many of us enjoying reading other people’s stories and I want to give some mothers a platform to share their story. I hope to share one every month or even more! As a disclaimer, some of these stories are from clients of Short Little Blessings and other’s aren’t but I in no way change the wording of the stories. I’m quoting the mothers that sent in their stories. If you want to share your birth story please fill out this form SLB Birth Stories Submission and we will contact you about sharing your story.

This is the story of a amazing strong and courageous woman who stood up for her VBAC and her baby no matter what scare tactics the providers used. 

“I would like to share my birth story! My absolutely perfect son was born 06/13.

I was so badly hoping to achieve a VBAC. I ended up having gestational diabetes which was a bump in the road but I knew it wasn’t a determining factor for my birth. I kept a tight watch on my sugars and and did what I needed to have good numbers.

Many providers use a protocol to deliver women with GD by no later than 40 weeks. With trying to achieve a VBAC that was some immense pressure. I was already being monitored twice weekly and baby was looking amazing at every appt. I was in a group practice and the provider I saw at one of my last appts was comfortable with me staying pregnant for 41 weeks since everything was looking good. I was ecstatic and felt a sigh of relief as I felt the pressure was off and that maybe baby would come on his own now. Even if he didn’t it was talked about that induction by a foley and a low dose of pitocin could be used over a repeat c section. I was so excited for my birth. I wasn’t exactly feeling supported at this practice until then. I had also been doing alot of my own research on VBACS and Gestational diabetes(which I had with my first pregnancy that ended in a vaginal delivery.)

I was confident in my body and what to look for as signs of distress. What I thought was going to be a beautiful memory in my life soon turned to one of emotinal distraught from which I am sure I will suffer PTSD from.

I left my Dr. Appt on Monday the 11th finding out baby had low fluid. (That of which I also had with my first vaginal birth) The Dr. In the office told me I was done being pregnant and that I would spend the rest of my pregnancy in the hospital. It was very matter of fact and not compassionate at all.

I asked what the plan would be when I arrived at the hospital. I was told it was up to me and left with that. I was so confused. What did that even mean. I knew the Dr. On call and I had talked about doing induction before c section so I was confident that would be the plan. I arrived at the hospital that evening to find out everyone knew the plan except me. Apparently I was to have a repeat c section at 10pm that night.

I was not okay with that and asked to be monitored. When I asked what happened to induction I was told that it was not happening. I was told I was an adult and could leave and find a new Dr. If I wanted. I am going to try and not talk about feelings but I am sure you can guess. I ended up getting checked and to my suprise my body was dialating and making some progress. I felt comfortable expectantly managing my pregnancy for the time being. I stayed in the hospital to be monitored bc of the fluid levels.

This leads us to Tuesday where contractions were picking up but I was still only in early labor. I had made a goal that if I hadn’t had him on my own by Wednesday I would more than likely consent to another c section. I labored all day Tuesday with my amazing husband and doula by my side. I ended up losing my mucus plug. Which I know doesn’t always indicate anything but bc I was in early/active labor I was pretty excited.

That night I laid down to get some rest. All of a sudden I felt this awful pain and a cracking sensation. It felt as if baby was moving down. Almost right after this happened contractions picked up and were consistently 6 minutes apart. Then 5 minutes apart. Then 3. They were 3 minutes apart and very painful for about 4 hrs. I was checked and surprisingly had made little progress. That just didn’t seem right to me. I finally decided to get an epidural to be able to rest. A few hrs later I was checked again. My waters were bulging so I let them break them with hopes that it could only help. There was meconium in the fluid but I know that is not a contradiction for a vagina l birth. I told myself if by morning still no change that I would deliver by Csection.

Wednesday morning around 830 we were rudely awaken by the provider on call. We were told that I would be having a csection that morning. That this had gone on too long. When asked to have a moment to talk about things we were told there was nothing to talk about. My doula and my friend went to say something and was very rudely cut off. Told she had no say and that her “training or whatever” didn’t matter. She was not overstepping or anything. She was taking her rightful place as a support person to me and also my friend. We were then told of every risk I had. Prior csection, large baby(he came out 7lbs 14oz btw), GD, meconium in fluid, and that the baby had started to have decels. The decels did concern me a little but they were actually not bad. I had major decels with my first pregnancy and they took other measures before a csection. Not once was I told of the risks of a repeat csection.

Anyway, we were then hit with the complaining of this provider about their co-workers. Apparently they had kept pushing patients like me onto them for awhile now. Then we were told that our baby probably had brain damage and nerve damage. We were told we were negligent and that they would be reporting us to DCFS.

Needless to say we asked for them to leave. They were not touching me or my baby. I went on to have a csection with the hospital Dr. She was amazing! Regardless I underwent major surgery with my husband and I both scared our baby was going to be born dead. It was one of the most traumatic things of my life. There is no doubt that we suffered emotional abuse from that provider that day. The concerns and risks may have been very real but they could have been conveyed with a personal compassionate conversation. If I would have been listened to, it would have been found that I was going to request a c-section anyway.

Thank God our baby was born perfectly healthy and is thriving wonderfully at home today.

I did end up having a small rupture in my uterus. I believe it was from the intense non stop contractions I was experiencing. So I am happy I made the right call. I am sad that my birth didn’t go as planned and even more sad that it was more traumatic than I could imagine. That being said if I had to do it all over again I would. I believe that this happened for me to be a reminder to women and everyone to be an advocate for yourself and your body. Know that you can and should get a second opinion. Know that you are not stuck with a medical provider. Things didn’t feel right for me in the beginning and I wish I had followed my gut and made the switch. Most importantly just because they are a doctor, or whatever the case may be, that does not allow them to play God, to play with your emotions, or use fear against you to get to their desired goal.

Here’s my perfect little Liam. He’s exactly what we didn’t know we were missing. <3″


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