We all love to have family portraits taken as our family changes and grows so that we can not only share them with family and friends but also to have those memories frozen in time. If you are like me I spend most of my time behind the camera wether it is my DSLR snapping pictures of the kids when I can or just my day to day picture taking with my phone. I normally am never in the pictures, unless it is a bad selfie :). We need to step our from behind the camera as parents so that we can be in the pictures with our children. I see family photos as just as important as any other images I capture. But also know that I’m in no way a stuffy no fun photographer. During your session you will see be do everything possible to help you feel comfortable, make your kids smile and make sure everyone is having fun while getting the best images. To do this I normally will have my second shooter along with me to help in any way. This just ensures you get the best images in the time allotted.

Now to get ready for your session. I have tips below from what to wear, what to bring and even a sample timeline of how the session will go. Review the information below and feel free to email or text me any questions or outfit ideas prior to your session. See you soon!

What to Wear? 

This is commonly the hardest and most stressful part of family photos. I want to help take some of that stress away. When choosing your outfits follow these easy tips. Plus there is always Pinterest that can help guide you when putting together your outfits.

  • Keep it simple: We want our eyes to go to your face and not your outfit. Don’t wear anything with busy prints or Logos.
  • Flatter your body: No matter what size, wear something that fits and flatters your shape.
  • Not Causal: This is a special occasion and you will want to look at the photos and not say “Why did I wear that”. Think business casual or Sunday Best.
  • Natural: When doing hair and makeup don’t over do it. Think relaxed and natural, no high fashion makeup or slicked back pony tail (unless that is your style)
  • Coordinate NOT Match: Take time to pick out 3-4 colors with some neutral colors and always view the outfits together prior to the session. Don’t wig it the day before the session or you will be stressed out and no need to add that to the day of.
  • Be Yourself: Bare in mind to the above tips, ultimately be yourself and dress in something you are comfortable in. If your dressed comfortably then you will enjoy the session much more.




What to Bring?

There isn’t much that you need to bring to your session. Mainly anything that you want in the pictures like special blanket to sit on, any props or pets. The big thing is to just let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. Also if you are bringing children it is always a good idea to bring their favorite toy to help them smile and also snacks or candy. Those can keep them happy while we get other pictures and also can get the one family picture of everyone smiling and looking at the camera. 🙂


Below is a sample timeline of your session. This can change depending on if you want certain images and the amount of people in the session. We will say that this session is for a family of four, two adults and two children. Each grouping normally has some posed images and candid images. Some of the best pictures are when your family is interacting like normal.

  • Full Family 1st pose
  • Mom & Children
  • Mom & 1st Child
  • Mom & 2nd Child
  • Mom & Dad (Multiple poses)
  • Dad & 1st Child
  • Dad & 2nd Child
  • Dad & Children
  • 1st Child
  • 2nd Child
  • Children together
  • Full Family 2nd pose
  • Special Requests

After your session, you should expect to have a sneak peek of your session within two days. Then your completed album within four weeks. Most of the time I can complete them sooner but just depends on how booked we are. If you need more ideas on outfits for session please check out our Pinterest Board for inspiration.