I recently realized how much I read through other mother’s birth stories as I came closer to my due dates with my children. I remember how inspiring and how much courage each story gave me. Even though each one was completely different, it was perfect and the way God planned for it to go. So I decided to add a new section to my website that now will include YOUR Birth Stories. It can be helpful for us as mothers to write or type our birth story out not only to share it, but also to help process it. Many of us enjoying reading other people’s stories and I want to give some mothers a platform to share their story. I hope to share one every month or even more! As a disclaimer, some of these stories are from clients of Short Little Blessings and other’s aren’t but I in no way change the wording of the stories. I’m quoting the mothers that sent in their stories. If you want to share your birth story please fill out this form SLB Birth Stories Submission and we will contact you about sharing your story. 


Today we are going to start with an amazing birth story, a birth of a rainbow. 

“Our entire pregnancy had been very closely monitored with biweekly OB visits and extra testing. And as long as everything stayed ok, we planned to induce between 38-39 weeks. That changed on Monday, April 16th, 2018 at 10:22am when I received a phone call directly from my OB. He explained that my bile acid levels were “extremely high” and “concerning.” This is not a part of routine lab work done in pregnancy. It was a test I requested after researching all potential causes of Enzo’s stillbirth. It tests intrahepatic cholestasis in pregnancy (ICP), which is a medical condition that occurs most commonly in women during the third trimester. (It’s when bile acids don’t flow out of the liver sufficiently, which causes them to build up and spill into the bloodstream. When it gets too high, the bile acids can reach the baby and can lead to stillbirth.) The main symptom of ICP is extreme itchiness of the hands and feet, which I experienced the night before Enzo died. I never had any itchiness of this kind with this pregnancy but still decided to do the blood testing. My OB said he was very surprised I was not having the itching with my levels as high as they were.

His recommendation was to start induction that night. So Evan and I hurried home, packed, and arrived at the hospital around 6:45pm that Monday night. I was placed on continuous fetal monitoring and started the induction process. At 10:25am the next morning my OB broke my water and around 12:00pm, I finally started to feel stronger contractions. (Thankfully no pitocin was ever used, which I was nervous about.) Our doula, Chrissy, arrived at 1:00pm and by 2:30pm I was in active labor. Chrissy was exceptional with guiding me through each contraction and giving the best massages and applying counter-pressure. I had the best team with these two and made labor so much more bearable!

By 4:00pm it was evident baby was coming soon. I started pushing around 4:50pm and she was born at 4:57pm on Tuesday, April 17th! The umbilical cord was tightly wrapped around her neck, so within seconds the cord was cut and my beautiful baby girl was placed on my chest. Feeling her warm wriggling body caused such an emotional outpour of tears, all I could do was bawl for a few moments before I could even open my eyes to look at her. And when I did, I fell in love with every single ounce of her little being. Hearing that first cry was yet another moment of overwhelming relief and joy. She was here! And alive! Evan and I were in awe of our living, breathing newborn girl. She was only 37 weeks 2 days, weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Little but strong and mighty.

It truly was an amazing birth experience! I had a lot of fear about being induced, but this birth could not have gone any better. It was my third birth without pain medication and was the best as far as recovery. Later that same evening, I experienced some intense itching of my hands and feet. I tried not to think about what could have happened if we waited another day. Instead I kept holding our new baby girl tightly in my arms and could not take my eyes off her.

Leaving the hospital with a newborn baby in my arms was such a huge relief. We were so excited to head home with our newest God-sent blessing and are still thanking Him each day for the miracle she truly is. We are so in love with you, Evalina Lily Wilcox! Welcome to our family!

Our amazing doula doubled as our birth photographer and took these photos. Short Little Blessings


Birth Story by Jessica Wilcox.