I recently realized how much I read through other mother’s birth stories as I came closer to my due dates with my children. I remember how inspiring and how much courage each story gave me. Even though each one was completely different, it was perfect and the way God planned for it to go. So I decided to add a new section to my website that now will include YOUR Birth Stories. It can be helpful for us as mothers to write or type our birth story out not only to share it, but also to help process it. Many of us enjoy reading other people’s stories and I want to give some mothers a platform to share their story. I hope to share one every month or even more! As a disclaimer, some of these stories are from clients of Short Little Blessings and other’s aren’t but I in no way change the wording of the stories. I’m quoting the mothers that sent in their stories. If you want to share your birth story please fill out this form SLB Birth Stories Submission and we will contact you about sharing your story. 

When Ashley submitted her birth story I knew that it would be amazing and powerful. She wondered if she should share both her birth stories together or separate, but we ultimately decided that they both were important and to share them in two parts.

Part One:

“At 7:39 AM, the 2nd day of October 2015 our Bradon Michael came earthside. I was blessed with the most beautiful blue-eyed 6 pounds 6-ounce baby boy. The weeks leading up to his birth were excruciating, to say the least. I always say that I’m pretty sure I saw hell and came back, that is how bad it was!

The days leading up to the hospital admission were sleepless and heavy. I couldn’t stop coughing, I was so swollen I couldn’t even walk, and I kept having panic attacks because I couldn’t breathe. I was told I had bronchitis but I just couldn’t breathe. I didn’t feel right. After trying to sleep for the 2nd night and being unsuccessful I just couldn’t take it anymore so I went to the ER. I was admitted into the hospital on September 28, 2015, with an oxygen level of 77. Naturally, everyone was running around like crazy people and started doing tests right away. They did a chest Xray which showed fluid in my lungs and they diagnosed me with pneumonia since my blood pressure and urine looked fine. I thought, “great!” I finally can get some relief. Fast forward to the next day and my echocardiogram showed fluid around my heart and a first degree AV block. I was then transferred to the ICU for closer monitoring. My blood pressure started to rise, 142/89 so the doctor ordered a 24-hour urine collection. Sure enough, there was over 550 mg of protein in my urine. Pneumonia was not the issue, preeclampsia and pulmonary edema due to the preeclampsia was the diagnosis. Once I was stabilized they would take the baby.

For anyone who knows me, knew I had the most extravagant natural birth plan (that I now know was only a wish) written out perfectly with all the details. Little did I know, all I needed was 3 bullet points at the very bottom of my plan if a cesarean was ABSOLUTELY and MEDICALLY necessary. And boy was it! I was in no condition to birth a child naturally! So c-section it was! I was so exhausted and ill that I was completely on board. I knew my team of doctors knew that was the best option for both me and baby. And it was the most amazing experience because that is why my baby boy was brought into this world healthy as can be! Well, and me too! I survived, we survived! I feel so lucky to be able to still be here today to tell our story which constantly weighs on my heart. I can now bring awareness to this illness and that feels so amazing!”

Birth Story by Ashley Daugherty