When thinking about getting a photographer for your upcoming birth many questions fly through your head. Birth is such a intimate and special time that knowing what it might be like to have another person in the room with you can be helpful when deciding on a birth photographer. So I created this FAQ page so that I can hopefully answer some of your questions.

What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is something that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Birth photography is described as lifestyle photography where there aren’t many “posed” images. We let the events unfold naturally and document this exciting and special time as they happen. Short Little Blessings likes to refer to this as telling your Birth Story. We capture not only the moment that your child is born but also during labor, interactions with family, nurses and the intimate times between you and your partner.

Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

There are just a few significant times in our life that events happen that we continually talk about day after day. Most of the time those are the day we met our spouse, your wedding day and the birth of your children. With having three children of mine I can say that this is true for me! That is why having a birth photographer to help capture your strength during labor and those amazing first moments with your child can be so special. You will continually look back on them and even maybe show them to your child one day.

Can't my partner just take pictures?

Yes they could, but I can tell you that I have had so many families ask if they can do that even once they have me booked but most of the time the partner is more focused on supporting the mother and being present in the moment verses being behind a camera.

How much does a Birth Photographer cost?

The price range for Birth Photographer ranges from $600-$2000. I tried to make sure our package is affordable while also including everything you would want. You can check out the details of the package on our Photography Services page.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due at the signing of the contract then you can pay how much ever you want leading up to you due date with the remaining balance due by 35 weeks pregnant. It must be paid in full to ensure that we will be on call for your birth.

Do you offer Maternity or Newborn sessions?

Yes! We offer three packages for maternity photos, a fresh 48 newborn session or a studio newborn session. You can get more details on our Photography Services page.

Do we meet before the birth?

Yes! I like to schedule a Pre-Birth Family Interview. This will give us time to get to know each other, answer any questions you have, go over what images you want and ones you don’t want. This time I also go over when to call me and when I will join you.

How far do you travel for births?

Travel within 30 miles of my home in Bloomington is included in your Birth Photography package. Any births taking place outside of that 30 miles will be subjective to a travel charge of .50 cent per mile. If you are unsure if you are within the 30 mile radius please feel free to contact us!

When should I book you?

As soon as possible! I only book 2 births a month with the occasionally third birth in special circumstances. I start my call for your birth at 38 weeks pregnant so booking in advance helps make sure that your due date is covered and opened.

Do I need approval from my provider or hospital?

I always suggest speaking with your provider and/or hospital about your plans to have a brith photographer. I have worked with both major hospitals in the Bloomington/ Normal area and have a great relationship with them. I also work closely with the Birth Center of Bloomington-Normal.

Do you use flash?

I have updated my skills and now use flash during my births. The reason I use flash is that you truly never know what birth may bring and having the flash will ensure that you will get the best images possible. We always discuss this during our family interview. If you would like to request to not have flash used during your birth just let me know during our meeting and I will be happy to not use my flash. With not using flash some of or most of your images will be in black and white and they could have some noise. Images with flash will have less noise and will be in color. Below are examples of a low lighting birth image with noise vs an image of the same birth with better lighting. There are also images of a birth where I used a flash.

No Flash:





How many photos do I get?

I don’t put a limit on how many images I deliver. This is your birth story and you will get how many images it takes to tell that story. Now remember that if your labor is very quick or I arrive later there many not be many images of you laboring but your story will still be told.


When will I receive my photos?

With your approval you will get a sneak peek of your birth story on Facebook about 24 hours after I leave. I always get the images approved before posting online. Then you will receive your full story 1-4 weeks after your birth. I give myself up to four weeks just do to other sessions, and the fact that I have three children at home and sometimes it make take longer to edit images. The shortest time a client had to wait was a few hours after birth to get her full digital library and the longest was one week. Life is unpredictable so I make sure to give plenty of time for your images.


Will my images be in Color or Black & White?

Yes! You will get both B&W and Color images. A lot of the determination of wether an image is in color or B&W is based on how the lighting was along with the story the image tells. Sometimes an image will tell a different story when in color verses B&W and vice versa so I like to take my time and make sure each images is representing your birth story beautifully.


When am I supposed to call you?

Figuring out when to call people during labor is very hard. Many times we don’t want to call someone when it is just early labor or even worse just a false alarm. But guess what, I want you to feel comfortable calling or texting me anytime. The sooner I know the better chance I will have at arranging childcare and such so that when you say it is go time I will be able to leave right away. While I do give myself up to 2 hours to get to a birth I always like to be there as soon as you ask me to so the sooner you tell me something is going on the better chances I have of being able to do that. Treat me like your provider and when you would call them, call me as well.


When will you arrive?

We will talk about this more in our first meeting but my coverage normally starts around active labor, once you are 5-6 cm. Now if you normally have slower or quicker labors we can discuss this ahead of time and decided on the perfect time to have me come in. Each birth is different and that is why I like to know as soon as you start to feel like you are in labor.


What if you miss my birth?

I have yet to miss a birth and I don’t plan on doing this anytime soon but if something were to come up unexpectedly I do have some backups I could call or I would come as soon I could and capture the hours after birth do a Fresh 48 session the next day along with having you come to the studio for a Studio Newborn session.


What if my birth is fast or really long?

If you have a quick labor then that is awesome for you! If you have contacted me as soon as you start having contractions then I should hopefully be able to make it. If I don’t then we will discuss the options. Now if you have a longer labor that is no problem at all. I don’t put a time limit on how long I will stay because each birth is different and I expect that.

What happens if I have a c-section? Or get transferred from my birth location to a hospital?

If you have to have a c-section that I will do my best to try and enter the OR with you. Most hospitals only allow one other person in the OR with you. I always suggestion speaking with your provider about the possibility and if they would allow your photographer to go back there as well. I have worked in the OR as a nurse so I have experience in a sterile OR.

If you must be transferred from your home or a Birth Center I will go with you to the hospital. No matter how your birth unfolds I will be there to document your story.

Will you interact with me during labor or stay mainly quiet?

This is something we discuss at the first meeting because each family and birth is different so we make sure that I don’t disturb you in your birth place but being a doula I lend more to being a helpful team member while also capturing your birth but understand if that is something you aren’t comfortable with.

What happens if something goes wrong with me or baby?

With my experience as a doula and nurse I do everything I can to stay out of the way during these situations. If a baby needs CPR then I typically stop shooting and will resume once everything has been resolved. Same thing if there is something that happens with the mother. I tend to be more of a support during these times and will continue shooting if you request I do but will do so while no interfering with the medical staff. Your safety and your babies safety is more important then photos. If the baby doesn’t make it and you would like photos, then I will be more then happy to do them.

How long do you stay after birth?

I typically stay 1-2 hours after delivery to capture those first moments with your new little one.

Do you take pictures of "THAT"?

I like to capture your birth in a way in which you will be able to share these images with friends and family. I suggest that my moms where the hospital gown or a sports bra to help keep things covered during labor and when it comes time for the birth I position myself in a location where I can get the birth without showing all the lady bits. :)Sometimes birth happens quickly and I will just start shooting to make sure I don’t miss the baby being born. Normally the belly covers up the lady bits so that I can get some great shots os baby coming on earth-side. 🙂

Here is an image of a birth where the angle doesn’t show the part straight on but you can still tell what it is.

Here is an example of a birth where you can see the birth but no of the bits.

Will you post my images social media?

I always get permission before posting anything online. Your birth story is delivered by digital library but is a private album with a password so that only people you want can view them. I try to post a sneak peek with your approval soon after birth but always text you the images first to make sure you are comfortable with then and that you have already made the birth announcement your self.

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